Cloud Solutions is a small business based in the Midwest helping new, and experienced businesses migrate their email and data to the cloud.

What is the "cloud"?

Technically, the cloud is just the internet. You've probably been using it for years in your personal life already. Take your email for example. At work you may have a server hosting all of your email, which is quietly humming in the basement of your office building. But what about your personal email? Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. These are all cloud-based email services. Your emails aren't stored on your computer (unless you choose to use a mail client like Outlook), they're all stored on Google or Yahoo or Microsoft's servers, but you're accessing them from your computer or your phone.

That's the cloud.

Why should you move to the cloud? There are lots of reasons. Steve Jobs had a lot to say about cloud computing back in 1997, although the term "cloud" hadn't yet been coined. (Watch the video here:

Here are a few benefits of cloud computing:

Google and Microsoft have gone to great lengths, deploying the best hardware and software to provide users with a great user experience. Internet connections are getting faster and faster, making accessing files online as fast as -- if not faster -- than accessing files on your local machine.

Google and Microsoft both boast 99.99% up-time with all their cloud services, so you don't have to worry about having access to your data.

Google and Microsoft are leaders in data security, and storage redundancy, so you can feel safe knowing that you will always be able to access your data, you'll be the ONLY person able to access your data, and you won't have to worry about a hard-drive crash wiping all your precious data.